10 Reasons to Tell Somebody They're awesome!

Often the little things go unnoticed, but we want to change that!

Don't just wait until birthdays or Christmas to tell somebody how much you appreciate them! There's plenty of reasons to tell somebody they're awesome any day of the year.

Here's a few suggestions of our suggestions to get you started!

  1. Thanks for being a great teacher
  2. Congratulations on passing your exam / driving test
  3. Good luck in your new job
  4. Missing you!
  5. Sorry I can't be with you
  6. Sorry you're having a tough time
  7. You deserve a break!
  8. Thanks for looking after my cat / dog / fish / child
  9. Sorry for bumping your car
  10. Thanks for fixing my car / fridge / washing machine / tap

There's always a reason to show your appreciation, so even if it's just a quick text message or DM - don't forget to tell those around you that you're thinking of them.