Our Story

Our Story

Gifty McGift Place - we know it's a very silly name, but it's memorable and makes people smile - and that's what we want our gifts to do.

Our story started during the Covid lockdown of 2020...

Stuck at home we realised how much we missed being able to easily see family and friends. All of a sudden hugs, meet-ups, drinks and all the things we'd become used to, stopped over night. There were so may people we wanted to see, to cheer up and to tell them we missed them....but everything had become so hard. As much as we now love a Zoom chat, there had to be another way.

We searched for easy ways to give long distance hugs and token gifts, but drew a blank! Everything was either a bit old and stuffy or just too impersonal.

Fuelled by wine and lock-down induced giddiness, my wife and I decided we should do something about it. We dreamt of creating a gifting company with personality, and a focus on making the recipient feel good about themselves.

'Gifty McGift Place' was one of the first names we came up with (I said we'd had some wine didn't I) and within 10 minutes we'd bought the URL and bagged our Instagram account. And that was it, our silly-named company was born!

It's still early days for us, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, get in touch at hello@giftymcgiftplace.com - we'd love to talk.

Thanks for visiting - You're Awesome!

Matthew, Founder

Our mission

Our mission is to spread the love and let people know just how awesome they really are!

We want to make it easy for you to make people smile. Our indulgent gifts show appreciation and lift the spirits of any recipients.

Each of our boxes comes with a bold 'You're Awesome' illustration on the box - a simple message to the recipient to show what you think of them.

We also include a free postcard with the same message. Maybe they'll keep it to remind them how fab they really are. Or perhaps they'll send it on to tell somebody else how awesome they are too. We don't mind what they do with it, as long as they remember the message!

All our boxes come with free UK delivery making it to easy to cheer somebody up, no matter where they live.

Tell somebody they're awesome!

Don't just wait until birthdays or Christmas to tell somebody how much you appreciate them! There's plenty of reasons to tell somebody they're awesome any day of the year:

  • To say 'Thank You'
  • Passing a driving test
  • Starting a new job
  • I miss you
  • Sorry you're going through a tough time
  • You deserve a break!
  • Congratulations
  • Well done
  • Thanks for looking after my cat
  • Sorry for bumping your car

We also think Gifty McGift Place boxes are the perfect accompaniment to your business! Get in touch for bulk orders: hello@giftymcgiftplace.com

  • Workplace rewards
  • Customer gifts
  • Holiday rental welcome packs
  • Employee or customer Christmas gifts